Morning sickness is every part of pregnancy as the actual bulging of the tummy. Over 90% of pregnant women experience morning sickness. While some women experience some retching moments when morning sickness comes, there are those that have no idea how the same feels like. To be on the safe side however a person should note the various symptoms of morning sickness or nausea gravidarum as it is known in medical quarters. By knowing what are the symptoms that accompany early pregnancy a future mother may understand what does morning sickness feel like.

Morning sickness starts about three weeks after conception. This is in some instances even earlier before the pregnancy testing kits can even detect any pregnancy. This condition which comes about in the first trimester and can last up to the 5th month is important to be understood by a woman. The first thing that a woman will notice if they have a regular menstrual cycle is the stop of the same. This will be followed with nausea and vomiting.

Morning sickness for most women involves vomiting and feeling nauseous. Vomiting being the main symptom for pregnancy is often experienced in the morning. The term morning sickness is however a misnomer because vomiting can happen at any other time of the day. While it comes to understanding what does morning sickness feel like, a woman will need to note that while vomiting is one of the most obvious symptom, nausea can be present but it is not a must for it to come.

A woman can also have a sudden aversion to smells. She might say that almost everything smells badly. However, the most smells she will note are those of cigarette smoke, alcohol, sweat, coffee and so on.

Because a pregnant woman becomes very sensitive to foods, they will more often than not experience diarrhea. For some women the diarrhea is severe while for others it is mild. For the women who experience mild diarrhea, they should embark on consuming a lot of fluids particularly water and natural juices. If on the other hand a woman is experiencing severe diarrhea, it is advisable to visit a gynecologist for further attention.

Most women have experienced heartburn at one point or another during the early periods of the pregnancy. When looking at what does morning sickness feel like, a woman should bear in mind that because the sphincter muscle relaxes more often, the food inside gets refluxed up the esophagus and then the throat. Heartburn during the morning sickness period is really not serious in most women.