The question on most people’s minds once they discover that they are pregnant is how soon does morning sickness start? Although quite obvious this issue tends to fill most women with trepidation and dread as the anxiously wonder what is in store for them. Although some women do not experience these symptoms which include vomiting and nausea a majority tend to go through them.

Indeed according to recent studies up to 90% of all pregnant women experience some form of morning sickness in the first weeks of their pregnancy. Therefore given the high likelihood that one will likely experience this condition it is important to be armed with as much information as possible. This paper seeks to shed light and highlight some of the most important tidbits concerning this condition that can make it a little bearable for the pregnant woman.

How soon does morning sickness start

This question has no straight forward or easy answer. In most cases though; the symptoms tend to show prominently from the 6th week which translates to three weeks after the conception. This might however vary very drastically with some women experiencing these symptoms as early as the fourth week of pregnancy. This timing is usually linked to the increased level of the hormone HCG in the body. When the embryo attaches itself on the uterine wall it triggers the production of this hormone.

The body increases the levels of this hormone by doubling them every two days until the peak at around the six week. When the peak is hit one becomes increasingly sensitive to strong smells and tastes both in food and in their surroundings. This ability ensure that one is unlikely to ingest and digest any harmful or toxic substances that might harm the baby despite being quite harmless to the mother.

Other factors that affect the severity of these symptoms include the amount of HCG which can be affected by the number of pregnancies. That is women carrying multiple fetuses tend to experience more severe morning sickness. It can also be worsened by fatigue and whether one usually gets travel sick among other factors.

To treat this condition effectively it is important to be well aware of how soon does morning sickness start. With this information one can map out a strategic method in dealing with all the ill effects of these conditions. Some of the best habits that are known to reduce the severity of the symptoms include lots of rest, taking foods high in energy and taking lots of fluids among others.