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To display properly, excel file converted using UTF-8 … Choose Delimited, Set the character encoding to 65001: Unicode (UTF-8) from the dropdown list. Open Microsoft Excel, Go to Data >> Get External Data >> From Text.

When an excel sheet contained special characters and data in other languages, these are not displayed properly.

When I download the file put it on my hard drive and I then import it into an Excel sheet with this macro (from the macro recorder) : Sub Macro2()

UTF-8の文字コードで書かれたデータを読み込むときは、ADO(ActiveX Data Objects)という仕組みを使います。ADOとは何か?気になる方は、ご自身で調べてください。ADOを使って、UTF-8形式のファイルを読み込むときは、次のようにします。 Go to the location of the CSV file, that you want to import.

This example illustrates the conversion of Excel files using UTF-8 with CSV. Example #2 – Converting of Excel files into CSV Using UTF-8. I have a UTF-8 CSV file stored on a web server. エクセルVBAのLine Input命令でUTF-8のCSVファイルを取り込むと文字化けを起こします。今回は、ADODB.Streamを使ってUTF-8のCSVファイルを取り込む方法についてお伝えします。

You have to use it because the first row of CSV … Check My data has headers. From the usability point of view, Excel seemed to have lack of a good user-friendly UTF-8 CSV support, so I consider both answers are correct, and I have accepted Alex's answer first because it really stated that Excel was not able to do that transparently.